Lecture Series on Quantum Information
Prof. Dr. Christian Toepffer will deliver 18 lectures on Quantum Information,
every Thursday, starting 30th September
at the lecture theater of the Schonland at 13:30.

Enquiries - 717-6923

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Mrs Monyamane

Quantum Physics is undergoing a very exciting phase of renewed discovery and insight. In these exciting times, we find new ways of discussing non-locality, coherence, quantum information, the wave function, decoherence, the interface to classical physics, single particle experiments and many other issues, including  the interpretation and place of this theory.

What has happened recently ?

Many things, including actual successful experiments on the EPR Paradox, evaluations of Bell's Inequality, teleportation of some
elementary objects and the possibility of quantum communication, encryption and computing. There are already at least two companies
commercially exploiting quantum communication.

Move over the laser .... here comes the whole quantum world !

You are invited to the Toepffer Lecture series to learn more about Quantum Information.

The course will consist of 18 lectures, to be delivered on Thursdays, as a set of double lectures, starting on Thursday 30th of this month and
running for 9 consecutive weeks. Each double lecture will be followed by a one hour tutorial.

Course Outline
1. A Quantum Mechanical Reminder : State Vectors, operators, transformations (5 lectures)
2. Q-bits, Quantum gates, the EPR paradox, Bell's Inequality, teleportation (3 lectures)
3. Paralelisation, quantum Fourier transform, phase estimations (5 lectures)
4. Cryptography with public key, factorisation and order finding, quantum algorithms (5 lectures)
A basic competence with QM and Linear Algebra is assumed.

Please let Mrs Monyamane know of your wish to attend by e-mail.
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