Schonland Facilities

Accelerators and Nuclear Science Labs

6MV Tandem Van de Graaff Particle accelerator with beamlines for interdisciplinery Physics (Geology, biology, mineralogy, materials science) and  also Nuclear Physics.
Ion-uProbe This system allows microscopy based on fine-focussed scanned beams and various ion-solid interactions. Follow this link !
2.5 MV Van de Graaff Particle accelerator feeding the Ion-uprobe
1.4 MV Cockcroft-Walton Particle Accelerator for Ion-Beam Analysis
25-200 kV Ion Implanter Research level Ion Implanter
Activation Analysis Laboratory This runs projects in planetary geophysics, impact structures and geochemistry (mostly with diamonds)
Neutron Source Laboratory Applications of neutrons and radioactivity to industrial problems
Environmental Isotope Laboratory Environmental projects such as research into water resources for the Sub-Saharan continent using stable iso-tope hydrology and radio-isotope hydrology.
Co-60 Irradiation Facility Gamma irradiation of samples

Networking and Computing Facilities 

The SchonLAN Network The SchonLAN network runs under Linux RedHat 9 and has about 75 users. The majority of people at the SRCNS use this network for their printing, applications and e-mail needs. 
Linux (UNIX) Network Over the last few years there has been a rapid development of a UNIX network at the SRCNS. This has mainly been due to the powerful data acquisition and manipulation software that has become available. The network consists of 8 pcs running Linux. This network utilises the same cabling system as the Novell network. (Linux box - administrators follow the link in this cell to see how to configure your workstation.
OS/2 Network Currently the 6MV EN-Tandem accelerator facility at the Schonland Research Centre for Nuclear sciences is being upgraded for control via a Graphical User Interface (GUI) computer system. The system is based on distributed network control via an OS/2 network messaging system. Control of the electronic equipment is done over a RS-232/RS-485 link to digital and analog control modules.