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Themes of the School

To promote the teaching of nuclear and particle physics, as well as to provide exposure to nuclear science, by combining teaching resources throughout South Africa in a stimulating and mentoring environment.

Nuclear and particle physics research represents a very important and exciting science frontier. Delegates will be exposed to research programmes and opportunities relevant to South Africa in this field.

Nuclear science is a field resulting from the application of basic knowledge in the fields mentioned above to areas such as industry, mining, medicine, agriculture, energy and the environment. Nuclear science capability is becoming increasingly important for modern competitive economies. There is a rapid change on the morphology of South Africa’s “Nuclear Landscape” and new developments such as the Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor project open enormous opportunities for education and exciting carrier paths. 

To inspire student delegates on the verge of graduating to pursue studies in nuclear and particle physics. The continued development of South Africa's teaching and research capability as well as the development of high level skills in the nuclear science area depends on attracting and developing young people. Students will be exposed to opportunities for postgraduate study and be introduced to potential supervisors.

To provide an opportunity for students delegates to meet their peers and share some of their share their research findings with others

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