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Financial Support for Students

Financial support is also available to subsidise transport costs of mainly student delegates. The requirements of delegates will depend on their home institution. The Organisers encourage delegates within an institution to arrange their transport as a group, and discuss their transport arrangements both with their departmental head and the conference organisers. The level of financial support towards transport, available from the Organisers will be about 50%. The Organisers are willing to negotiate on this point in cases of financial need.

If registration costs are not completely covered by the support from universities or if the combined support from universities and the 50% transport subsidy do not suffice, students should immediately e-mail, fax or write to the Millennium School Co-ordinator for further assistance.

Since many students will not yet be back at their respective universities in January-February 2004 it is important that students furnish us with their contact details at home so that they can be contacted in connection with the availability of additional financial support - students MUST therefore make sure they fill in SECTION B of the school registration form.

Last updated 3/8/2003
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