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In order to optimize the benefits of the Millenium School, the Programme Committee has chosen a style of lectures which resembles short courses rather than stand alone advanced lectures. 

This style aims to consolidate and extend the the knowledge of students before tackling the advanced work so that more is retained.  In addition, lectures on more specialised and applied topics will be presented.  Emphasis was put on selecting top physicists who are also outstanding teachers. 

The range of topics to be covered is listed below.  A breakdown of material can be obtained by clicking some titles.

The most fundamental areas are:
    - Nuclear Physics (4 lectures)  

     -Particle Physics (4 lectures)  Prof. D. Aschman 
    - Experimental Techniques and Methods in Nuclear Physics
           (3 lectures)   -   Dr. S.H. Connell
    - Field Theory (5 lectures)   -   Dr. R. de Mello Koch
    - Chaos (2 lectures)  

    - Astrophysics / Nucleosynthesis (3 lectures)  

At a more specialized level:
    - High Spin States (1 lecture)   -   Dr. S. Mullins
    - Nuclear Reactions (1 lecture)   -  

At an applied level:
   - Ion Beam Analysis Methods (3 lectures)   -   Prof. T. Derry 
   - Nuclear Reactor Technology (3 lectures)   -   staff members
           of the Pebble Modular Reactor Company (PBMR).

To view the provisional Timetable click here.

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