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Registration Fees

Provided completed registration forms are received on or before 10th November 2004, the registration fee payable for the school is:

R1000 for delegates (includes breakfast, lunches, suppers, refreshments, braai, accommodation costs and shuttle costs)

R1000 for each accompanying person (includes breakfast, lunches, suppers, accommodation costs and shuttle costs)

Note : The fees above constitute only about 30% of the actual costs due to the acquisition of sponsorship from a variety of sources. The organisers expect that the Physics Departments of the student delegates will recognise the important contribution of this school in complementing the formal teaching programme. Therefore, student delegates should approach their departmental heads for assistance with registration procedures and financial support.

Students should note that they should register even if they have not yet attained the necessary funding for the school.


If registration forms are received after 10 November an additional fee of R 150 will be charged.

Last updated 3/8/2003

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