Schonland Colloquia - 2004

Stephen Levitt  - Advanced Concepts in C++

Wednesday 28th of April
at 10-15 after tea.
in the Schonland lecture hall.


This presentation gives an overview of the recent, significant, changes that the C++ language is undergoing. These include: the increasing popularity of the facilities and idioms provided by the Standard Template Library and the Boost libraries; the use of smart pointers instead of raw pointers; and the emergence of generic programming and template metaprogramming as a powerful paradigm. The next
version of the C++ Standard is discussed and shown to further evolve the language by offering better support for the way in which C++ is used in practice. Moving beyond the language itself, there are several initiatives that seek incorporate C++ into virtual machine environments. These approaches (which make different trade-offs) are discussed. Overall, the current changes within C++ promote its use as a higher level language than in the past and further the promise of large libraries of re-usable, easily-customizable code.

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