Schonland Colloquia - 2004

Bruce Becker  -
The UCT-CERN Research Centre : Experiments, Theory and Computing
Wednesday 15th of July
at 10-15 after tea.
in the Schonland lecture hall.

The UCT-CERN Research Centre was founded in 2002 after the physics department at UCT was accepted into the ALICE collaboration at CERN's LHC. The Research Centre focuses on the physics of ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions, which has been trying over the past 20 years or so to create a deconfined state of quarks and gluons in the lab. The Centre has interests in both the experimental and theoretical aspects of the field. Apart from the work on the High Level Trigger of ALICE's dimuon spectrometer, we are  currently involved in 2 current experiments (PHOBOS and STAR) at RHIC, offline development of the ALICE experiment. Due to the nature of the work, enourmous CPU power is needed, to which end a computing facility has been built, which has been useful also for other fields of reserach. I will introduce the group to the audience and describe main areas of our research, with emphasis on our work for the ALICE experiment and high performance computing for physics applications.

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