Schonland Colloquia - 2003

For more information regarding these advertised colloquia, please contact Dr E Sideras-Haddad or Mrs D. Monyamane

Title and Abstract
Thursday 27th February 10h30 Prof P Hodgson "Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics"
Tuesday 27 May 10h30  Dr. Florent Staley
Spokesperson : The Di-muon Spectrometer of ALICE
Commissaiar a l’Energie Atomique 
(French Atomic Commission)
“ Quark-Gluon Plasma and the ALICE Experiment”
Monday 23rd June 11h00  Prof Achim Richter
TU Darmstadt
"Channelling radiation from thick diamond and silicon crystals at the highest beam energies" 
Tuesday 22nd July 13h15
(in P115 
at Physics)
Dr. P. Steinberg
Brookhaven National Laboratory,
Visiting Fulbright Professor at UCT
"QCD Matters: The latest from RHIC"
Thursday 24th July 14h30  Prof Steve Whisnant
Head: Physics Department, James Madison University, USA
"Results from Polarized Proton and Neutron Double-Polarization Experiments at LEGS"
Wednesday 24th August 11h00 Prof JM Carter
School of Physics and Schonland Research Institute, University of the Witwatersrand
"Nuclear Structure Physics Using High Energy-Resolution Magnetic Spectrometers: Towards a Zero-Degree Facility for the iThemba LABS K600 Magnetic Spectrometer"