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Student Opportunities in the PSI-Group

Your gateway to physics leadership excellence

Research Environment

  • Enthusiastic academic staff, excellent technical support staff, friendly co-students.
  • Well equipped accelerator laboratory, with many ancilliary facilities
  • Located at the University of Witwatersrand in the "City of Gold "

Research Groups

  • All projects involve participation in an active established group.
  • There are strong links to other local and international groups.
  • Most projects involve travel opportunities (working visits, conferences).
  • Build a collegiate network in the international arena !
  • MSc degrees (1-2 yrs) and PhD degrees (3-4yrs)

Skills Acquisition

  • Physics - by own research and interaction with many experts.
  • Techniques - Vacuum, mechanical, electronic, large scale instrumentation, computing (control, programming, application, networking), etc.
  • Teamwork, independance, leadership (the student manages his/her project in team environment).
  • Problem Solving, planning, financing, reporting, marketing, networking etc.

Available Research Projects

Hydrogen studies in Diamond by Muonium dynamics.
Use muons to study diamond !
Basic and applied physics.
An opportunity to combine work at major overseas accelerators with local facilities.
High energy Photon Physics.
This project follows on from our studies of QED processes at striong fields in coherent conditions in experiments CERN-NA43 and CERN-NA59
Electronic diamond
A new international collaboration at the frontier of diamond electronics
Participate in boosting diamond to its place as the material of the 21st century !
Heavy-Ion Nuclear Reaction and De-excitation Mechanisms
Pure nuclear physics.
Nuclear Reaction mechanisms .... a comprehensive theoretical and experimental approach
This is a major collaboration with the Milano NP group of Prof. Gadioli.
Work at iThemba LABS in the Cape, Milano University in Italy and Schonland ... (hope you like pasta and wine!)
A wide selection of Interdisciplinary projects based at our Ion-uProbe
We have collaborations physics -- {geology, metallurgy, botany, archaeology, materials science, medicine ... }.
We can design a project compatible with your research and future marketability.
Mail me for a discussion.
You want to work with us ...
but where do you fit in ?

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