PSI - Group

Research Programme

  1. Diamond Physics  
    1. Diamond Electronics
      There is now device quailty synthetic diamond. Devices based on Intrinsic and p-type material are now possible. A new era of diamond based electronics is anticipated. However, research needs to be done to in the following three areas
      1. Shallow molecular dopant systems
      2. Diamond detectors
      3. Correlation between electronic properties, defects, synthesis
      4. Hydrogen behavior in diamond
      5. Muonium as a hydrogen analogue in diamond
    2. Diamond in High Energy Physics Accelerators
      1. Diamond as a Coherent Radiator in the Multi-Hundred GeV Regime
      2. Diamond as a Synchrorton Radiation Beam Optic Element
    3. Diamond Processing
      1. Diamond Processing Laboratory
        This laboratory prepares diamonds for electronic and accelerator applications.
        Key features are crystal quality, unique geometries, defect free surface and subsurface.

        1. Laser Ablation
        2. Thermo-mechanical Etching
        3. Mechanical processing - Polishing and sawing
        4. Ion Beam Processing
      1. The Thin Diamond Program
  1.  Nuclear and Particle Physics
    1. Medium / High Energy Physics
      1. QED under conditions of Strong Fields and Coherence
      2. High Energy Photon Initiated Nuclear and Particle Physics
    2. Nuclear Physics - A comprehensive experimental investigation and theoretical modelling of light-ion induced reaction mechanisms in medium mass targets from the Coulomb barrier to the fission threshold
      1. Stacked Foil Spectroscopy
      2. Residue Momenta by Doppler Gamma - Ray Spectroscopy
      3. Light particle emission spectroscopy
  1. Interdisciplinery Physics
    1. Accelerator Physics
      1. Development of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
      2. GEANT4 detector simulation and E-DE(x,y) detector development
      3. GEANT4 Simulation of a an AMS system as one large detector
      4. SIMION simulation of Ion Sources and Ion Source Development
    2. Accelerator Based Science
      1. AMS projects in Conservation
      2. AMS projects in the Environment
      3. AMS projects in Paleontology
      4. AMS as a genral ultra-trace isotopic analysis system
    3. Projects based on the Ion Microprobe facility
      1. Residue Analysis in Archeological tools
      2. Geochemistry
  1. Intellectual property and Commercialisation
    1. Patents
    2. Product development
      1. Doping of diamond
      2. Coloring of diamond
      3. Defect engineering
      4. Diamond recovery
      5. Conservation by AMS
      6. Data Acquisition Software (SorceForge Project)
    3. Industry Liason
      Currently designing a program of research to support the PBMR project
  1. Outreach
    1. The Emasondosondo program
      We are working with the SAIP, the GPEDU and Columbia University on a program to bring Science to disadvantaged schools.

Previous Projects
  1. Diamond Physics  
    1. Radioctive Probes and Accelerator based studies
      1. TDPAD study of 19F residence sites in diamond - In-beam Molecular Complex Spectroscopy
      2. PAC study of the Diffusion and Decoration of Hydrogen at In-111 in Diamond 
      3. Positron Spectroscopy studies of Positron <--> Diamond/defect Physics 
      4. Conversion Electron Emission Channeling CEEC spectroscopy 
      5. Muon Spin Rotation Spectroscopy MSR in diamond 
      6. Hydrogen Microscopy by ERDA Hydrogen in Diamond
  2. Microscanned Ion Beam Analysis
      1. Inter-disciplinary Research, Industrial 
        Collaborations and Service analysis
      2. Scanning Transmission Ion Microscopy (Tomography)