Muon Spin Rotation Spectroscopy in Diamond

IZ Machi (SRCNS) <=== Click here to view the author !!

SH Connell (SRCNS- South Africa) and JPF Sellschop (WITS- South Africa).

K Bharuth-Ram (UDW- South Africa).

R Scheuermann (MPI-Stuttgart), J Major (MPI-Stuttgart), A Seeger (MPI-Stuttgart).

For these kind of measurements we presently depend on the the various "muon factories" overseas. Some of these facilities are at Paul Scherrer Institut (Zurich), ISIS - Rutherfod Appleton Laboratory (Oxford), and TRIUMF (Vancouver).

The purpose of using the uSR (muon Spin Rotation) technique is -

Our group includes co-workers from the MSR group based at the MPI fuer Metallforschung, Institut fuer Physik in Stuttgart, and also Prof. K. Bharuth-Ram at University of Durban-Westville.

("OPTIONAL" : One can also use POSITRONS to model and study defects in diamond)

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