Quick Start to Linux
with the 

PSI group

All Honours students in the Computational Physics Course, and all students in the Accelerator Laboratory, must do the items in boxes as pre-course assignments.

Starting off In Linux (local documents)
Red Hat Linux Installation Guide  : recommended early on
Red Hat Linux Reference Guide
Linux Documentation Project HOWTO's  : Local version from LDP:2001/12/23 (as you need it )
Linux Customisation Primer
Linux Security Guide
Linux System Administrators Primer
The Linux Documentation Project for a complete up-to-date set of docs
Local documentation organized by package (browse your own machine (go to file:/usr/doc) )

  • Start Programming in C with Linux : extract from Computational Physics Course of Dr SH Connell 
  • Practice the material from the notes above using the simple example described here. This is written for programmers who like the vi editor ...... you can actually use any editor you like.
  • Here is a nice C++ in 21 Days.
  • How to do simple I/O in C++.
EGCS: The Experimental GNU Compiler System  : This is the compiler system we have installed
Fortran: The Linux Fortran Information Page
Various C/C++ links by SJFlocal and on the net One of the best C/C++ compendium out there on the World Wide Web
Glug's prorgamming link : When you are better at Linux and Programming

Some useful manuals

Linux Applications 
We are now using  ........    (you need to learn this).

Older Stuff

General Links
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