The Schonland Linux

with the 

PSI group

For the more serious scientific computing at the Schonland Research Centre, the Accelerator Building houses a Linux network running on various Pentium pcs.

Software hosted
includes :-

  1. loading ... Redhat.... The Operating System

  2. loading ... The CERNLIB library suite developed at CERN, the High Energy Physics Laboratory in Geneva and the data visualisation and analysis tool  : The Physics Analysis Workstation (PAW). 
  3. (Now we have changed to ROOT ... see below.)

  4. loading .... The event-by-event multi-parameter Data Aquisition System, COLLECT.

  5. The Multiple Gama Array Spectroscopy package RADWARE

  6. loading .... The egcs compiler suite for C, C++ and Fortran.

  7. Lab utilities like Latex, GnuPlot etc.

  8. loading .... for our WWW Server

  9. loading ...  for image processing.

  10. loading ....   The OO C++ Monte Carlo Simulation engine

  11. loading ... The new framework for Physics coding, processing, analysis, calculating etc.
Go to Inkosi:/home/psi-space/geant for the current installed versions at Schonland and the examples

The network is administered by Daryl Rebuli

Last Updated 8.4.2003 Simon Connell