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Miscrosoft's page is best for visual C++: lots of links and help. Specific tech questions can be checked through stingray's search.

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X Windows

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Best intro I've found is by David Marshall. Most of what you'd want to do, and lots of piccies and explanations. This is just one of the 5 guides referenced at the X Windows help desk.

Xlib functions are listed and explained in the X programming manual (this is my index to C.Trouche's original pages, based on the headings at TheLabs).

MOTIF functions are listed and explained in SCO's reference guide (look at the reference pages and index) and codeguru. There are also some sensible notes on motif programming at the motif zone, and a whole bookshelf of resources at MW3.

Other tutorials include a short X tutorial from C.Trouche, bhammond on X11 and a little one by RAM. There's also nice MFC and motif (this one is nice and professional) stuff at DevCentral.

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