Outreach Visits to high schools - 15th July to 14th August
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Last Updated August 15th 2003
The Official Launch
Saturday 9th August

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Kudung Middle School Heidelberg

  1. More informnation on the 2003 program
  2. Call for Post Graduate Student participation
  3. Register of participating Institutions
  4. Realtime news .... photo-essay of the 2003 program
  5. History .....photo-essay of .the 2002 program 
  6. STYLE - School science club program
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Scientists, educators, administrators and post graduate students have teamed up in an exciting programme of physics outreach, aimed at disadvantaged high school learners. The project flows from the USA-NSF funded schools outreach program (QuarkNet) of Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh, in which teachers from South Africa were sponsored to attend workshops in the USA. The programme is based around a mobile physics laboratory, accompanied by scientists, teachers and students equipped to run a varied physics program and provide teacher support. The physics program contains visually exciting physics demonstrations, hands-on exploratorium activities and also team based project experiments, all targeted at high school learners. Additional sessions planned as teacher support are aimed at developing simple resources and providing training for physics demonstrations, and optimizing the use of the local facilities at each school. There are also informal sessions where the learners interact with the young higher degree students. The STYLE science club program is being launced at each visited school. The project is well on its way to becoming sustainable. It has been named the Science Emasondosondo. The project derives strong participation and leadership from the Quarknet program. It is administered from the Gauteng Education Department and housed at the Newtown Science Centre. All higher degree institutions are partners in the program, via the South African Institute of Physics (SAIP). Currently, it is operated from the Schonland Research Institute of Nuclear Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand.

This is the second year of the project. The first year (2002) visited about 3% of the Gauteng schools.

This year, the project will


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Financed by NSF    and GPDE    and supported by the SAIP 

NSF - National Science Foundation - USA
GPDE - Gauteng Provincial Department of Education - SA
SAIP - South African institute of Physics - SA