Physics Emasondosondo Presentation

You are cordially invited to
attend the official presentation of
the Physics Emasondosondo 
(Physics-on-the-Move) Trailer.

The magic of science will come alive
to the schools as scientific
phenomena and principles will be
presented in an exciting and fun way
through theatrical shows and
This is a partnership (see logos) initiated by the
US National Science Foundation through
Columbia University, which aims to stimulate
interest and understanding in physics in a fun
and entertainment way for learners.

o Welcome  by GDE
o The Emasondosondo Project
o Keynote Address
o Presentation of trailer
o Physics Emasondosondo Team
o Vote of Thanks by GDE

 Date    :  Saturday, 09 August 2003
 Time    :   11H00
 Venue   :  Kudung Middle School, Heidelberg 
 RSVP   :   by 05 August  2003
                Mable @ (011) 355 0814
               Cynthia @ 083 376 8470

Linking with with International Womans Day
(Kudung is a girl learner school)