The Physics Emasondosondo
Outreach visits to High Schools in Gauteng and Western Cape Provinces
Gauteng: 15 Jul - 2 Aug, 2002
Western Cape: 6 Aug - 23 Aug, 2002

Date: 16 July 2002
School : Emshukantambo Secondary - Pimville, Soweto

Setting off  from the rallying point at the Schonland Research Institute (Wits) -- its a cold morning in sunny South Africa !

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Todays team are Jeremy (taking the picture), Bill, Ian, Will, Marcus and Amanda from the USA,
Mike and Laurence from the School of Physics at Wits (doing the field evaluation) and Isaac and Henrietta
from the School of Physics at UNISA. Cynthia from the Gauteng Education Department went too. Simon
is seeing the group off.

The programme has exciting shows, set laboratory experiments, an exploratorium, informal discussions with learners and teacher support activities.

Here is the first show, Marcus demonstrating.

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Intense concentration in small groups in the electronics lab. For many. its their first hands on experience of physics.
These kits and the worksheets are part of the equipment that will remain as a resource at the schools.

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The second show ends off day 1

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   Financed by NSF   and NRF   and supported by GPDE   and SAIP