Nuclear Structure Group

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If you are interested in pursuing a higher degree in the NSG, please contact Dr. John Carter by email or...

Higher-degree students since 1992

  • E. Muskat, PhD in 1994 (supervisor V. Hnizdo)
  • Z. Vilakazi, MSc in 1994 (supervisor J. Carter)
  • H. Diesener, PhD in 1995 (supervisors P. von Neumann-Cosel / A. Richter)
  • J. Madonsela, MSc in 1998 (supervisor V. Hnizdo)
  • R.T. Newman, PhD in 1996 (supervisor R.W. Fearick)
  • T. Volkwyn, MSc student (supervisor R.W. Fearick)
  • K. Schweda, PhD student (supervisors P. von Neumann-Cosel / A. Richter)
  • B.M. Nangu, MSc student (supervisors J. Carter and B. Spoelstra)

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