Nuclear Structure Group

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The purpose of the Nuclear Structure Programme is to undertake research in experimental, and also theoretical nuclear physics, with the following themes.

  • Exploration and elucidation of heavy-ion interactions and reaction mechanisms at low and medium energies.
  • Proton and electron induced medium-energy reactions allowing comparative studies to be made using hadronic and leptonic probes.
  • Development of efficient and accurate computational methods for analysis of experimental data and theoretical modelling in nuclear structure physics.
  • Supervision of postgraduate students and their involvement in and contribution to the research programme are essential ingredients of these activities.

Members of the Nuclear Structure Group pursuing the Programme

Associate members of the Nuclear Structure Group

  • Dr V. Hnizdo (National Institute for occupational health and Safety, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA).
  • Dr P. von Neumann-Cosel (Nuclear Physics Institute, Technical University, Darmstadt, Germany).

The members of the Nuclear Structure Group have enjoyed a longstanding and ongoing collaboration which includes the nuclear physics research group at Cyclotron Facility of the National Accelerator Centre, Faure.

Research is conducted at The Schonland Research Centre (SRC) situated on the campus of the University of the Witwatersrand. The SRC provides an ideal environment for in-house training of postgraduate students in experimental nuclear physics. The EN Tandem Van de Graaff accelerator of the Schonland is an excellent facility for pursuing experimental studies of light heavy-ion scattering and reactions. In addition, the Schonland Centre provides a logical and most suitable base from which the GroupÚs research at National Accelerator Centre and overseas in international collaborations can be conducted.

If you are interested in pursuing a higher degree in the NSG, please contact Dr. John Carter by email.

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