Schonland Research Centre for Nuclear Sciences

EN-Tandem van der Graaff Accelerator

The Schonland EN-Tandem van der Graaff Accelerator was inaugurated on 22.11.72. We are now 30 years old. The machine used to do Nuclear Physics only, but now we do Materials Science, Interdisciplinary Science, Particle Physics, Applied Physics and much more.

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  • Paper 1 - Computerised Control of the 6 MV EN-Tandem Accelerator  also download (PDF file)
  • Paper 2 - Software Design of the Schonland 6MV EN-Tandem Accelerator  also download(PDF file)
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  • OS2 stuff for the control computers
  • Some images
  • Control Room, befor the ne control system, and after : console : computers
  • The Vault, showing the Tandem, soon after installation, and now
  • Beam lines
  • Heavy ion Microprobe Picture,Schematic (part)
  • Screen snapshot of Control system

  • Beam-line Facilities Research Groups
    0 Stub neutron irradiation
    and transfer system

    Very Heavy Ion Implantation

    Neutron Activation Analysis
    Evaluation of neutron reactions

    Au Nano-structures
    60 WEST Neutron production Fast Neutron Radiography
    30 WEST Ion-Microprobe All Micro-Probe Projects
    Hydrogen 3-D Distributions in Diamond
    15 WEST TDPAD beamline In-Beam Molecular Complex Spectroscopy
    0 Heavy-Ion Implantation Various Projects
    (eg the thin diamond program)
    15 EAST Macro PIXE Research on Atmospheric Aerosols
    30 EAST E-DE Scattering chamber Heavy-Ion Nuclear Physics
    45 EAST AMS
    Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Group
    60 EAST Irradiation + vacuum
    transfer system
    N and O determination in coal and diamond
    Offline system Positron Spectroscopy Using positrons to probe diamonds

    Positrons to probe BaF2
    Offline system Implanted Radioactive Probes Conversion Electron Emmission Spectroscopy
    and Perturbed Angular Correlations to study
    hydrogen behaviour in diamond
    Offline system Gamma Spectroscopy Nuclear Reaction Mechanisms

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