Booking Schedule of the
(6.0 MeV EN-Tandem, 2.5 MV Van der Graaff, Data - Acquisition Facilities)

November- 2002
Run after rescheduling
Run as scheduled
Project / Institutions Number Spokesperson / team Beam/Energy Facility / DAQ Result
Nov 4 - 22  Nov 4 - 22 Maintainance    O Pekar,
T Hollander
E Rood
    Discover tracking on resistors. Overhaul all resistors. Clean test in air ... OK
 Nov 25-29  Nov 25 - 29 Testing   SH Connell
E Sideras-Haddad
O Pekar,
T Hollander
E Rood
various Ion sources to beam analysis Stability deterioiation, HV limit on ternminal down to 2.2MV
Nov 26 - 29   Study of hydrogen mobility in diamond (using deuterium isotope)   A Naran
(U. Eduardo Mondlane)
SH Connell
E Sideras-Haddad
JPF Sellschop
D Rebuli
A DaCosta
M Dalton
7Li+ / 10 MeV Tandem - 30o W beam line

Last updated  : 21 November  2002
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