Booking Schedule of the
(6.0 MeV EN-Tandem, 2.5 MV Van der Graaff, Data - Acquisition Facilities)

March - 2002
Run after rescheduling
Run as scheduled
Project / Institutions Number Spokesperson / team Beam/Energy Facility / DAQ Result
Mar 1-29
Mar 1-29 Scheduled maintainance   O Pekar,
T Hollander
E Rood
SH Connell
E Sideras-Haddad
JPF Sellschop
    Renew sripper gas control rod. Renew stripper gas control gearbox and variac. Remove stripper foils and stripper foil control rod. Repair stripper foil control. Repair water leak in tank cooling system. General check and clean. Clean 860A ion source. Replace two pneumatic solenoid valves, repair tank compressor.

Last updated  :  20.March.02
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