Booking Schedule of the
(6.0 MeV EN-Tandem, 2.5 MV Van der Graaff, Data - Acquisition Facilities)

June - 2002
Run after rescheduling
Run as scheduled
Project / Institutions Number Spokesperson / team Beam/Energy Facility / DAQ Result
 Jun 3 - 6   Maintainance   T Hollander     Development of 4He beam from Duoplasmatron.
 Jun 7 - 10   Test performance of Duoplasmatron Ion Source   SH Connell
E Sideras-Haddad
D Rebuli
protons Duoplasmatron ion source Test performed, modifications scheduled 
 Jun 11 - 20   Resonant electron emmission  from diamond   D Rebuli
E Sideras-Haddad
JPF Sellschop
SH Connell
4He / 3-5 MeV Tandem - 30o W beam line
Data taken
 Jun 24 - 28   Install AMS Beam-line components, align, services, electronics, detector, vacuum systems   SH Connell
Vac Students,
E Rood, O Pekar, T Hollander, R Chirwa
E Sideras-Haddad
  Tandem - 45o E beam line  Good progress

Last updated  : 19 July 2002
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