Booking Schedule of the
(6.0 MeV EN-Tandem, 2.5 MV Van der Graaff, Data - Acquisition Facilities)

Aug - 2002
Run after rescheduling
Run as scheduled
Project / Institutions Number Spokesperson / team Beam/Energy Facility / DAQ Result
Aug 1 - 30   Develop AMS capability - prepare for separation measurement of 13C, 14C, and 14N   SH Connell. 
E Sideras-Haddad
P Aggerholm, 
E Rood, O Pekar, T Hollander, R Chirwa
12C5+ / 19.8 MeV

13C5+ / 19.8 MeV

Tandem - 45o E beam line.
- newly installed MS line
Succesful tests, progress listed below.
Commisioned 4 anode E-DE detector,
Improved transmission,
Developed predictive running, 
Developed capability for low beam currents (fempto amps),
Commisioned fast closing valve
Improved GVM slitless stabilisation.
Improved BPM sensitivity,
Beam alignment of HE Quads, Analyser Quads, Target line Quads. Ran the last few days with a modern carbon cone .... stability under GVM needs to be improved further, and modern carbon cone technology needs developing.

Last updated  : 19 September  2002
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