Schonland Research Centre for Nuclear Sciences

Ion-Beam Microprobe

Mantle Geophysics as revealed by the trace element composition and spatial distribution in selected polymineralic eclogytic samples

Council for GeoSciences : RJ Hart
SRCNS : SH Connell
University of Hannover : A Wittenberg

The objective is to contribute to an understanding of mantle-geochemistry and the formation of the mantle lithosphere. The South African eclogite xenoliths are generally thought to have been formed by the subduction of oceanic material (basalts). However, because of the differences in mineralogy and mineral chemistry between the Robert's Victor and the Zagadochnaya eclogites we propose that the Siberian grospydites are subducted continental crust (anorthosites) formed during continental- continental-collision (crustal delamitation). In this study we propose to compare the mineral chemistry of the Zagadochnaya eclogite xenoliths to those of the Robert's Victor ones, with the view to obtaining a better understanding of the genesis of these rock types.

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                                                                                                                                Last updated: 5 October 1998