Schonland Research Centre for Nuclear Sciences

Ion-Beam Microprobe

Proton microprobe and micro-Raman spectroscopic analysis applied to fluid inclusion studies

Wits University, Dept of Economic Geology : R Boer
Wits University, SRCNS : SH Connell

The aim of this research is to establish and optimise facilities for use in the earth sciences, on the campus of the University of the Witwatersrand. Knowledge of the chemistry of fluid inclusions helps establish important aspects of the paragenetic sequence of host rock. The capability to obtain quantitative chemical analysis for a range of gaseous and cation species on individual fluid inclusions will afford researchers in southern Africa the opportunity to produce state of the art results regarding the physico-chemical conditions of mineralization. Though still in its infancy, this method of analysis shows much promise and will be invaluable in future fluid inclusion studies. The work at the Schonland focuses on the simultaneous application of PIXE and RBS, to achieve a 3-D reconstruction of the inclusion, enabling software extraction of the elemental distribution for arbitrary shape inclusions and in situ measurement of overlayer depths.

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