OS2 stuff for Control Computers

EN-Tandem van der Graaff Accelerator

The Schonland EN-Tandem van der Graaff Accelerator is controlled using OS2
The design of the system is  in these two papers.

  • Paper 1 - Computerised Control of the 6 MV EN-Tandem Accelerator  also download (PDF file)
  • Paper 2 - Software Design of the Schonland 6MV EN-Tandem Accelerator  also download(PDF file)

  • Now follow hints to get OS2 to work.

  • Operators :Re-Starting the Control Software
  • ALT-F3 - Pressing this key combination while the white "boot-block" is displayed in the upper-lefthand corner of the screen has the same effect as pressing ALT-F1 and ALT-F2 simultaneously. In other words, an OS/2 command line is displayed AND the name of each driver is displayed as it is loaded.
  • Ctrl, left Shift, and F1- To prevent applications from restarting during boot, hold down the Ctrl, left Shift, and F1 keys at the same time, beginning when the mouse pointer appears until the icons begin appearing on the desktop. If you find that disk activity stops, you may have to release the keys and then quickly hold them down again.

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